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Discover and discuss literary themes from English-speaking cultures around the world.

Black Comedy in Literary Fiction
For some of us who may not know the meaning of the term 'Black comedy', we may pause when we see the phrase for the first time, wondering if the term was a racist comment, referring perhaps to a comedy show featuring black people or geared towards them. It seems the logical explanation for it, doesn't it? Read on to find out more!

Best First-Liners in Literary Fiction
How often do you read the first few lines of a novel that's so puzzling and out of line that you find yourself thinking really hard? Read on to find out more!

Gothic Literature - Conception and Elements
What's your take on the Gothic genre? When we hear the term Gothic literature, what usually comes to mind? Perhaps some storyline that involves darkness and evil? Spells? Somberness? Do you think Gothic literature has evolved much from the time it was conceived in the mid-1700s to the present day? Here are a few insights on its 'evolvement' and on some Gothic authors of today!

Gothic Lit - Contemporary Authors
Gothic literature in the early centuries consisted of plots and settings that persisted on the Sublime, the Grotesque and the Uncanny. A look at Gothic literature from the 20th century and the contemporary authors that have used the genre as a tool to portray various themes in their works. Read on!

If you are a lover of literary fiction and you enjoy writing, here are a few helpful tips to use when trying your hand in literary writing. 

Literature and Culture
Here's a question for you: Does literature affect culture or does culture affect literature? What can we really say about one interlocking with the other? Culture affects literature because almost all works of literary fiction are based on cultural and societal issues. Authors are influenced by their societal state and write works that reflect and examine such issues affecting the society in that era.
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Why is the idea of identity so prevalent in most literary works? Because that's one of the major quests in life - to find ourselves. Most people live long lives without ever finding out who they are, and they die an old natural death having never known. Click to explore more on the subject.

Utopia vs Dystopia in Literary Fiction
We have heard quite a bit about Utopian and Dystopian Literature, and have oftentimes merged both categories as one. In this article we'll see differences between the two categories, evident in their definitions, but also in their plot and event descriptions.