Discover some of the most celebrated and/or discussed works of fiction.

The Bell Jar Review
Who was Sylvia Plath? Which of her works have we read? Her first novel, The Bell Jar is about a young college student Esther Greenwood, who moves from Massachusetts to New York city for a month to work as a sponsored guest editor for a magazine. This article gives a full review of Bell Jar, noting its brilliance and the acute parallelism that it holds with the author's real life.

Literary Short Stories - Edgar Allan Poe
For centuries, literature lovers have pondered, wondered and reflected over Edgar Allan Poe and the kind of man he was behind his works. What common themes are prevalent in some of his short stories? Read on to find out!

Metamorphosis - A Review
Which literary work is the strangest you've ever read? Is Kafka's Metamorphosis one of them? The Metamorphosis is not a science fiction, or a comic novel. In fact, no literary fiction has ever felt as real as this work does. What makes this work so intriguing and compelling is that, although the circumstances are unreal, yet they feel authentic and original. Read on!

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Review
Have you heard or read little stories and insinuations here and there about Dorian Gray, and wondered what he was all about? Here is a brief review on Oscar Wilde's only novel that created a wild literary sensation due to its powerful themes and controversial discourse on some philosophical views.

Top 5 Widely Discussed Literary Classics
A few literature classics have abraded our minds and pushed us to read the works over and over, year after year, century after century. This is a short list of some of the most widely discussed literature classics of all time!

Virginia Woolf’s A Haunted House
How long does a short story have to be to be considered literary or contain most literary elements? Does literature depend on the length of the work, or its quality, in order to give it meaning? This article examines one of Virginia Woolf's short stories.